THE “HUFFLEGUFF” 30cm BONG by Chongz

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The “Huffleguff” 30cm Bong by Chongz

The frosted glass base gives this bong a cool sleek look, but, that on its own is not enough to cool and filter your vapour. It features a 7 arm tree percolator in the centre to do that. The combination of this, the diffuser down stem and the notches for ice, means you’ll be get cool tasty hits from this bubbler every time. The Chongz Huffleguff Percolator Glass Bong is a fantastic little piece, perfect for somebody looking for a percolator bubbler that isn’t too big or domineering.

This bong pairs with the Neo by PRRL Labs.

Click this link to see the Neo by PRRL Labs

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The "Huffleguff" 30cm Glass Bong by Chongz

Height: 30cm 

Thickness: 4mm

Joint Size: 14mm 

Manufacturer: Chongz

Colour/Material: Borosilicate Glass, Frosted Accents

Product Type: Water Bubbler, 7 Arm Triple Percolator, Diffuser Down Stem, Ice Pinch

Material Compatibility: Dry Herb, Concentrates & CBD Crumble used through the DynaVap

2 reviews for THE “HUFFLEGUFF” 30cm BONG by Chongz

  1. daniel woosnam

    Love this bit if glass, smooth and cloudy vapor from my dynavap. Definitely my new favorite bit of glass

  2. MJ (verified owner)

    I think huffleguff has kicked wizard Steve and Cristal’s ass to the curb.. I’m kinda in love right now with its wide frosted base, girth on the neck, haha – it’s very sexual 🤣😂🤣

    Awesome vapes and very cool, the big base allows for plenty of water so you don’t even notice the cloud it’s so cold. Plus, have you tried an ice cube down it’s neck, extra coolness 😎

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