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Our CBD contains only cannabis/hemp extracts, that’s it!  No added nasties make the quality and flavour of our crumble unbeatable! 

We recommend the Au Naturel as a great option to mix with your prescription herbal meds. We have found we get more out of our vaporiser & meds this way, and in turn, save a bit of money too.

A bit about our CBD Crumble It is a concentrated cannabis extract with a waxy, crumble like consistency. We ensure that every batch we distribute is fully certified and tested with supporting documentation. It is quickly gaining more and more traction within the CBD industry due to its many attractive features. The fact that vaping CBD crumble is so fast acting and potent means that only a small amount is required.

Alex & Jayne both recommend one of the best ways to use CBD is through vaping, due to its quick onset and immediate effects. This is also one of the cheapest ways to get CBD in your system.  (if you already own a vaporiser).

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Ingredients:  Pure broad-spectrum CBD crumble

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Included: 1g or 2g x AU NATUREL - BROAD SPECTRUM CBD VAPE CRUMBLE by The Canna Cabana

Tub Size: 1g or 2g

Approximate Cannabinoid Content Per Gram: CBD 810mg, CBG 30mg, CBDV 10mg, THC level 0.05%

Type: Broad Spectrum Crumble

Route of Administration: Inhalation (vaping or dabbing)

Ingredients: Pure broad-spectrum CBD crumble


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How to use: Start with no more than half a matchstick head worth in your herbal vaporiser, either mixed in with your prescription flower or placed directly onto a concentrate pad if used on its own. Squish up any lumps you may have with the handle of a teaspoon or better yet, a super tiny t-spoon. 

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Recycle: Please feel free to return any unwanted empty pots with your next order so that we may recycle them. Unfortunately, we are currently only able to collect these in Jersey.  

Child Lock Warning: Our CBD Crumble pots have a built-in child safety lock. To easily open the tub, press the base and lid together whilst twisting them apart. (Palm to palm is the easiest method we have found)

Disclaimer: In the same way as every other retailer of CBD products in Jersey & the UK, our Crumbles are a vaping product and not a medicine. Therefore, ‘The Canna Cabana’ does not make any medical claims or take any medical responsibility as to the efficacy of CBD or any of the other cannabinoids contained within our crumbles. If you think CBD products may be able to help you in any capacity, then we encourage you to research CBD/cannabinoids and always consult your doctor or a medical practitioner before vaping any of these products. ‘The Canna Cabana’ does not manufacture, distribute or sell any product that violates the UK ‘Misuse of Drugs Act 1971’. THC levels in our products are below or equal to the legal limits according to Jersey & UK law. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that they are in compliance with local legislation. The content of this website has not been evaluated by the FSA or MHRA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use it if the safety seal is broken.

5 reviews for AU NATUREL – CBD VAPE CRUMBLE by The Canna Cabana

  1. Martin

    Bought me some CBD crumble to add into my meds. It’s like a small little shiny glob or waxy honey that smells utterly delicious!!! Anyways past the floral notes in my meds it goes. Entourage effect is really worth it, even just in an oil pad vaped on its own is bang on for muscular relaxing. Yuh!!
    Plus delivered that day on island by super friendly knowledgeable staff,
    Three thumbs outta three thumbs
    👍👍👍. Aye

  2. Private

    Hello Canna Cobana
    Just wanted to say a big thank you for supplying me with CBD crumble which I have found to be a fantastic product to mix with my herb and make the herb last longer and getting a higher CBD with my meds. I also used this when I ran out of meds and found it helped a lot.
    Thank you

  3. C.W

    Really decent considering the price, tried the secret sauce and was delicious dabbed on top of some flower

  4. Jodi (verified owner)

    Hawaiian Haze CBD enough said. Wow I had a really good night’s sleep. I thought I’d try this as well as purchasing the nice CBD crumble. I highly recommend both and it hits the sides nicely.
    I will be purchasing this again thank you Canna Cabana once again

  5. Steph (verified owner)

    Ordered Friday eve, Delivered to door by lunchtime next day👍 Great advice and delivered with a smile 😊 Definitely a highly recommend service👏 Also would just like to add; The advice given from both Alex/Jayne about supplementing the cbd into your prescription flower(as for cost reasons most people choosing the more affordable products,with hardly any Cbd content) is invaluable and 2nd it 💯.. Thanks guys almost immediately noticed a difference to a pretty mediocre strain of flower👊
    Will deffo be ordering and experimenting with different crumbles frequently now👍😁

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