“F*CK BUTTON” 21cm BONG by Chongz


“F*CK BUTTON” 21cm BONG by Chongz

If you’re looking for an affordable bong that provides great filtration, you’re in the right place. This Chongz ‘F*ck Button’ ice twist bong in Purple features ice twist dimples allowing the user to drop ice cubes straight down the neck for extra filtration and cooling. Not only does the water pipe bong design look the business, but this bong also comes with Chongz renowned build-quality as standard.

Please ensure you have the correct adapter for your vaporiser to fit the Chongz Water Bubbler joint. 

Click here to view the DynaVap Compatibility Chart

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Included: 1 x “F*CK BUTTON” 21cm BONG by Chongz

Height: 21cm 

Thickness: 5mm

Joint Size: 14mm 

Manufacturer: Chongz

Colour/Material: Purple Accents, Borosilicate Glass

Product Type: Bong, Ice Pinch

Material Compatibility: Dry Herb & CBD Crumble used through your favourite vaporiser


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