DOSING CAPSULES x 40 by Storz & Bickel


DOSING CAPSULES x 40 pack by Storz & Bickel

These handy capsules by Storz & Bickel can be pre filled and loaded in your vaporiser of choice. The dosing capsules are compatible with the Crafty, Crafty +, Crafty + Enhanced, Mighty, Mighty +, Plenty, and also the Volcano Hybrid & Classic (if used with a reducing chamber). 

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Included: 1 x DOSING CAPSULES x 40 by Storz & Bickel

Compatibility: All Crafty, Mighty & Volcano if with Reducing Chamber

Manufacturer: Storz & Bickel

Material: Aluminium

Additional information

What's in the box?

40 x Dosing Cap Bottoms
40 x Dosing Cap Tops


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