“CHARLIE BOY” 18cm BONG & OIL RIG by Chongz


“CHARLIE BOY” 18cm BONG & OIL RIG by Chongz

The Charlie Boy Glass Percolator Bong & Oil Rig is designed with a matrix-style stereo percolator with 360-degree diffusion holes for maximum efficiency. The resultant is a more enjoyable, cooler, cleaner, and flavoursome vaping session!

Chongz Percolator Bong can be turned into a dab rig by replacing the herb bowl with a nail and glass dome. You can enjoy the best of both the worlds, herbs & concentrates, in a single piece of equipment.

Please ensure you have the correct adapter for your vaporiser to fit the Chongz Water Bubbler joint.

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Included: 1 x “CHARLIE BOY” 18cm BONG & OIL RIG by Chongz

Height: 18cm 

Joint Size: 14mm Male

Bowl/Nail: 14mm Female

Manufacturer: Chongz

Colour/Material: Borosilicate Glass

Product Type: Bong, Oil Rig

Material Compatibility: Dry Herb & CBD Crumble used through your favourite vaporiser


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