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Quality Newport butane is extra purified and boasts near zero impurities. This gas is perfect to use with Turboflame lighters, refilling Butane Lighters & other butane-powered products or any other personal needs!

Manufactured in England with its unique crenellated cap containing eight separately coloured and moulded adaptors and two free extra hard flints Newport has, over the last fifty plus years, established an excellent reputation for quality and functionality. This has been reinforced by the introduction some thirty five years ago of the Near Zero Impurity butane quality benchmark.

Additional coupling adapters in the cap fit any male size. 

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Included: 1 x Extra Purified Butane Refill by Newport

Manufacturer: Newport

Size: 250ml

Material: Extra Purified Butane Refill Can

Compatibility: Any male size

2 reviews for BUTANE GAS REFILL by Newport

  1. Malieka (verified owner)

    This stuff is super clean in comparison to other products and goes a long way so worth the extra cost in my humble opinion

  2. Malieka (verified owner)

    I bought a bottle of this gas and it has already outlasted 3 standard bottles and still over half bottle available. This stuff is amazing. I also love that it’s a greener version of the standard gas bottles

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