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How The Canna Cabana started

Alex and Jayne met in 2015, and started working together in 2016. Their relationship has flourished since, and when Alex had the idea to open a business together selling medical vaporisers and cbd oils, Jayne couldn’t resist the idea. Their vast combined knowledge in anything cannabis made it an easy decision to make for both of them and their families. The idea came long before the legalisation of medical cannabis, however, this happening has fortunately given both Alex and Jayne the motivation to move forward.  

Alex, who started the Facebook group Jersey Medicinal Cannabis Patient Alliance aka the JMCPA, got Jayne on board from the start, to help Jersey patients on how to go through the long and sometimes quite complicated task of obtaining medical cannabis prescriptions due to licences needed and the processes to obtain them. They quickly realised there was a massive shortage in the local market for competitively priced vaporisers and many other products the patients needed to administer their legal prescription medication.

Both Alex and Jayne, who are firm believers in using CBD on a daily basis, so decided they wanted to also bring top quality CBD products to Jersey at a more competitive price.

Why come to us?

As we are both legal medicinal prescription holders, we are fortunate enough to be in a position where we can try and test EVERY SINGLE DEVICE that we sell. Guess what?…..  We have gone and done exactly that!! We have tried every last one! Bar none! (Okay, okay……. Yes! We did enjoy doing it.) 

What does this mean?

Firstly, we will not sell a product we would not use ourselves!! There have been a good few that have NOT made the cut. At least at our financial loss and not yours. We stand by every single product we sell.

Secondly, we know every one of our vaporisers, water bubblers and CBD products back to front, left to right and inside to out! 

We have extensive knowledge in the Medicinal Products that we are prescribed, so if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to fill out our ‘Get in touch’ form. We both are Founders of the JMCPA, and have helped many people in the past. We are happy to help if we can.

Our Founders

Jayne Christie

Jayne, has been a cannabis advocate and medical cannabis user for over 26 years, she has held a legal medical cannabis prescription since May 2020. She is the Co-Founder of the Jersey Medical Cannabis Alliance and has joined the I am Billy Campaign on their patient counsel as their Research Director.  

Jayne had a growth spurt at the age of 16 causing a slight curvature of the spine, as a result having suffered with back pain since. At the age of 18 Jayne found that smoking cannabis helped her come off of her pain and anti inflammatory meds and has been using cannabis to improve her pain tolerance levels ever since. 

She was born in South Africa, and growing up in and around Durban, she quickly found that smoking cannabis helped her, not only with improving her tolerance to pain, but also helping her sleep at night, which was often a struggle.  Jayne moved to Jersey in 2006 with her wife of 15 years.

Having been a heavy smoker, she quit her 25 year cigarette habit in 2019 and managed to totally stop combusting in June of 2020, when she obtained her first legal medical cannabis prescription.

Jayne has been vaping for over 6 years but has only felt the real benefits since giving up smoking completely.  

Being involved with Jersey Medicinal Cannabis Patients Alliance, she has noticed a need for more help and assistance to anyone wanting to start dry herb vaping. Her aim is to help as many people as possible to make a change and stop combusting and also to improve their health and well-being by teaching the masses about this phenomenal little plant. 

Alex Bealey

Alex is our ‘cannageek’ (self proclaimed!!) he loves all things to do with this magical plant and his knowledge reflects this. He has recently completed a Diploma in medicinal cannabis and CBD to further enhance his knowledge. 

He discovered cbd over 5 years ago and quickly included it into his daily regime, the only issue being the affordability of it. It has helped him with many issues but it also helps to bring homeostasis. He doesn’t go a day without it, cause well, he notices it! 

Knowing how much CBD has the potential to help people and being very aware of the costs he set out to find a cheaper way, cutting out the middle man and gettng it direct. Managed to massively reduce his own cbd expense he then sort to share this with others.

Being a medicinal user for over 15 years (1 Year with legal prescription) he has tried and tested most forms of consumption, and now wants to share his knowledge with you all.

He is an ex-smoker (tobacco and cannabis) and now only vapes, and for one very good reason……..it so much better!

Not just better for your health and lungs but better use of your product! Vapourising cannabis ensures that you don’t burn off all those valuable cannabinoids, terpenes and ethers. So you get more ‘medicine’ out of your flower, which means you get more effect so it last longer. Oh also it tastes 100 times better!

Did you notice?

Did you notice that we do not sell rolling papers, bubbler screens, dab rigs or regular lighters for that matter either? This is a conscious choice. As both the Founders of The Canna Cabana are ex smokers and know the true benefits to vaping compared to combusting. It is a legal requirement to vaporise medicinal cannabis in Jersey/Guernsey and UK and whilst we know not everyone may agree with that, it is the law. We believe cannabis should be used in the most efficient, effective and health promoting way possible, hence our choice not to sell products used for combustion.